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Now You Just Have To FEEL Old To Join

January 31, 2008

Saw this on TechCrunch. I mention it because I remember seeing ads for a year ago on cable, some guy going “Boom boom boom” trying to get people 50 years and older (the AARP age group) to sign up for his social site designed for, people 50 years and older. I thought featuring an “Memorials” section right on the home page was either just a great big downer or there was some tie in to a mortuary industry trade group or something.

Seems that the site is a big failure, so the founder, who was too young himself to join his own site, is now allowing 13 year olds and up to join. Can Eons take on MySpace and Facebook and grab a chunk of their market share? Time will tell, as much time as one could have before winding up on the site’s obits.


Don’t mess with Tom Cruise

January 31, 2008