Ever been in a ‘blitz’?

February 1, 2008

I got this from a recruiter saying that a government agency was putting on a ‘blitz’ to staff 10 positions by next week. Names hidden to protect the innocent.

I am working on a contract position at <insert govt agency here>.  This is what they
call a "blitz" which means that they will look at resumes and bring
people in for a face to face next week and make a decision the next day
with a start date the week after.  I do not have specifics yet, but
typically it is a 6 month contract...  If you are presently looking for a new spot and
interested in this I would like to talk to you later today or over the


The deadline for resumes to be submitted to this REQ will
be MONDAY (2/4/2008) at 5pm. The interviews for the chosen candidates will be held on THURSDAY (2/7/2008). 
Importantly: Candidates must be either LOCAL, or have no issues in
traveling to interview on Thursday (2/7/2008).  Phone interviews
 will NOT be accepted under ANY circumstances. 

Please remember the deadline for entries to this REQ will
be 2/4/2008.  The vendors will be notified on 2/6/2008 if their
candidates have been selected for interview.  The interviews for the
chosen candidates will be held on  2/7/2008.  Offers will be
 extended on 2/8/2008.  Feedback will be provided for those candidates not
selected the following week. 

How common is this out there? (Don’t know the contract terms, must commit to being available all day long on the the interview day because at best you’ll be notified of intent to interview the evening before) Maybe I’m just naive. At least they give you feedback.


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