And you’re worried about Chinese made toys

February 3, 2008

Poisonings from tainted Chinese ‘gyoza’ top 450

Kyodo News

The food-poisoning scare centered on frozen “gyoza” meat and vegetable dumplings from China spread nationwide Thursday as the number of reported victims rose to at least 451 in 35 prefectures.

Japan too has problems with inspections of imported food: 

Food inspectors and consumers on Thursday questioned the effectiveness of food importing regulations after large amounts of organophosphate (note: a pesticide) in frozen “gyoza” dumplings made in China were blamed for sickening scores of people nationwide.

Japanese reporters gather Thursday outside Tianyang Food, a Chinese food processor at the center of a food-poisoning scare in Japan stemming from its frozen “gyoza” dumplings.

The health ministry meanwhile admitted that although frozen imported food is generally inspected for harmful or unauthorized ingredients, it is not checked for pesticides like the one that was found in the tainted meat and vegetable dumplings.


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