Seed from the Sower

February 3, 2008
Ever see or hear the 1 minute TV or radio devotional broadcasts (or sermonettes) known as “Seed from the Sower?” Seems like they were like 20 years ago, but they are still around. I recall them being used as
signoffs for TV stations (at one time TV stations weren’t on for 24 hours, and had daily signons and signoffs).
The broadcasts are produced and narrated by Dr. Michael Guido from Metter, Georgia.
He has an RSS feed to the devotionals, available as podcasts.

The State of Georgia passed a resolution in honor of Dr. Guide in 2007:


While I googling around for this topic, I came across this blog from south Georgia. Topics remind me of being a small town when I was in elementary school.

 And, there is another Michael Guido who was interviewed by PBS’ Frontline in 2004 regarding the fall of the US music industry.

In the recording studios of Los Angeles and the boardrooms of New York, they say the record business has been hit by a perfect storm: a convergence of industry-wide consolidation, Internet theft, and artistic drought. The effect has been the loss of billions of dollars, thousands of jobs, and that indefinable quality that once characterized American pop music.

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