While looking for some sound clips I found this page

February 3, 2008

Hello All,

I have some great news. Over the past few years, my walk with the Lord has become stronger and stronger. As I get to know more about my creator, I continue to find things in my life that does not please God. For example, I am much healthier now that I have quit smoking along with other things that are bad for this body He created. As time goes on I find more ways to be less world like and more Christ like. These websites (allwavs.com & bestwavs.com) were filled with filthy sound files of dirty jokes, foul words and sounds that did not bring glory to God. So they have to go away.

But when I was thinking about shutting these sites down completely, the thought hit me. Maybe I could take the traffic these sites generate and create something here that is Christ like and honors God. Then I laughed out loud. If any of you remember what the allwavs site looked like before, you would know I am not a “creative person”.

So here is a challenge for you. Send me ideas of God honoring ways I could use these sites. Or if you are creative and love the Lord, I may even open the site up to you to allow you to be as creative as you want. As long as it honors God.

To God be the glory in all of the above,



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