Java chasing .NET’s tail again

February 5, 2008

The above title could be provocative in some circles

According to the site:

We are extending the JVM with first-class architectural support for languages other than Java, especially dynamic languages. This project will prototype a number of extensions to the JVM, so that it can run non-Java languages efficiently, with a performance level comparable to that of Java itself.

In other words, a take on .NET’s Dynamic Language Runtime. This is of course a good idea, may be the only thing that will save the JVM in some form or another. Just that Sun has lagged behind .NET’s support of alternative languages for some years now, as is well known.

Ah the dreaded “fork” word:

Da Vinci represents an experimental branch, or even a fork, of the JVM, said Nutter. He cautioned that fork in this case is not meant to carry the same negative connotations associated with forking of a platform.

Now, will Da Vinci allow continuations?


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