Tracking politicians like bugs

February 5, 2008

Nice title.

As I edited the February cover feature of Software Test & Performance magazine—which compares open source bug tracking tools Bugzilla and Trac— it occurred to me that the same tools we use for tracking software defects could also be applied to tracking politicians.

That’s why I invented FlakTrak, a new defect tracking system for keeping abreast of where our leaders stand.

Here’s how it works. The first time a politician takes a position on an issue, it’s entered into FlakTrak and assigned to that politician. If it’s a position I agree with, it’s resolved immediately and becomes a feature. Falling into this category are promises of (or a record of) reducing taxes, building a border fence and leaving a stable Iraq.

If a candidate takes a position I disagree with, such as calling for corporate windfall profit taxes, amnesty for illegal aliens or an artificial timetable for surrender, a bug is created and assigned a priority. If a candidate has too many unresolved, high-priority defects, I wouldn’t vote to deploy that product into the Oval Office.

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