Not just Nike shoes in Vietnam

February 6, 2008

WEBINAR: Why a major US corporation moved its software testing from 4 other countries to Vietnam.

DATE: Wednesday, February 13th, 2008, 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM US Pacific Standard Time


  • Vice President of Quality Assurance, LeapFrog Enterprises
  • Senior QA Manager, LeapFrog Enterprises
  • Joe Hughes, Vice President, LogiGear Corporation

Space is limited! Click here to register today!


This webinar is a panel discussion and will cover how and why LeapFrog moved from all US based software testing to outsourcing with 4 different vendors and then moved all of its outsourced testing to Vietnam.

Specific topics will include:

  • How LeapFrog is able to perform over 80% of its software testing in Vietnam with LogiGear, and how LeapFrog balances QA responsibilities between internal staff, LogiGear, and another specialized linguistics testing provider.
  • How a successful outsourcing strategy has improved productivity, morale, and career prospects for LeapFrog’s internal QA staff.
  • How LeapFrog and LogiGear have successfully blended test automation and manual testing to drive shorter testing cycles and faster product introductions without introducing significant new costs or risks.

Click here to register today!


  • Global sourcing and purchasing professionals looking for strategic advantages through new sourcing locations
  • Senior IT, development, and QA managers looking to transform and elevate their organizations through effective outsourcing strategies


LogiGear, a leader in the software testing field with unique access to the talent pool in Vietnam and rigorous QA staff training has provided LeapFrog and other major US corporations with a dedicated team of QA professionals, at much lower costs and with lower churn rates than other popular outsourcing destinations.

  • LogiGear’s combination of onshore project and account management and offshore testing provides its clients with the cost benefits of offshore software testing while still providing visibility into current status, flexibility to adapt to changing priorities, and immediate responsiveness.
  • LogiGear’s unparalleled expertise in test automation has enabled its clients to shorten testing cycles and introduce new products to market more quickly, as well as reducing testing costs.

Space is limited! Click here to register today!

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