Origin Data – I know somebody who went there

February 6, 2008


Lead Generation

Recently, we were asked by a potential customer, “Who are your competitors?” That’s a tough one. It’s not that we don’t have competitors, we do. It’s just that, we take a completely different approach than our competitors. We compete with networks, and we partner with them too. In many cases, this is a symbiotic relationship. When you partner with Origin Data, your data will still be generated through networks, and single sites. But, rather than one or two fulfillment parthers, the data sources will be diversified across many.

Partnering with Origin means empowering yourself with the same tools and skills that the networks have. You’ll have insight into which data sources are performing, and which are falling short. You’ll be able to set parameters that define which data you’ll accept and then communicate back to your data source in realtime. Why wait on your company DBA or data warehouse rep to tell you which leads you have collected over the course of your campaign are good? Our technology gives you a realtime view into the successes and failures of you campaign as it is happening. Our proprietary Gen3 system in conjuntion with our highly experience team will do all of this and then some.

Origin Data’s Media Services Group provides planning and buying services for interactive direct marketers. Our goal is to be your go-to lead generation company. Origin Data’s Lead Generation Team offers universal access to all interactive publishers while providing unmatched data collection, processing, reporting and e-dialog. Origin’s Lead Gen solution is soup-to-nuts — providing you with the same processing technology that stand-alone networks use. By partnering with Origin, the quality, ease and strength of your lead generation efforts will be unrivaled.

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