Three Stress Reduction Tips for the Office

February 7, 2008

Recommendations to balance mind and body and keep you at the top of your game at work and during other stressful situations.

I’d like to know how to be come a work/life balance consultant.

The nexus of Balance Integration was in the fall of 2001, when after 13 years working in corporate America, Tevis Gale started to wonder why so many people “hate” their jobs. Looking at leadership, colleagues, clients and friends, it was clear who over-engaged to the point of burnout, and who had difficulty engaging at all. In either case, she saw there lacked a sense of centeredness in the midst of daily mayhem. “How can we succeed sustainably?”, she wondered, “How can we ALL have a great day at work?”
The numbers add fuel to the fire. Gallup reports that less than 27% of employees call themselves “truly engaged”. The National Institute of Organizational Safety and Health cites that 80% of workers experience stress at work. Add the announcement from the US Department of Labor that we now spend an average of 9.1 hours -over half our waking lives – at work, this picture is one of a stressed and disengaged culture. Let’s face it: 24/7-ization due to technology and global business isn’t making life any less demanding.
Balance Integration is the result of an ongoing odyssey to to identify practices which generate true leadership, authentic engagement and collective greatness. Our programs incorporate ideas from top business gurus in systems thinking from MIT, creativity from Stanford, and coaching and generative management systems at NYU. We’ve looked to buddhists and yogis for mindfulness and self inquiry practices, and have translated these ideas into powerful, practical and relevant tools to teach corporate professionals how to cultivate mastery – not a futile effort to control the world – but a courageous endeavor to discipline the ultimate – THEMSELVES.

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