Good SOA people hard to find

February 13, 2008

Lack of people could be a chicken and egg thing, there aren’t many good people out there because there haven’t been many people with experience from very many successful implementations, because of the lack of good people…

So the answer is to get the “right” people to do it. The author mentions the problems with that, namely politics, unqualified vendors and lack of understanding of SOA.

Well, politics isn’t going away. Unqualified vendors, what’s new about that? As far as the lack of understanding, does that simply mean that it is just too difficult for many shops to pull off?

Best comment on the page:

“… need to have a holistic understanding of all enterprise systems”

Holistic? Dear god please, not this word!

Most shops – big or small – are clueless about how things actually work. If that sort of comprehensive knowledge is required for SOA, its dead now. Only things that work despite “holistic” ignorance can survive.


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