My town is #2 in mommy makeovers?

February 19, 2008

I’m not sure how it is #2, but according to a local TV station report here (linked to via the local newspaper).

Why are these procedures done? Popular are the usual lipo, breast augmentation, and eyelid lifts. According to the report, a local nip and tuck doctor says:

“After pregnancy, things change,” Dr. Eaves said. “Many women say skin has become loose and stretch marks and the muscles of the abdomen may have come loose and are stretched as well, and there will be some bulging that no amount of exercise will make go away.” 

Thus the term “mommy makeover.”

Speculations on why there are a number of these procedures here?

1. The free women’s publications distributed here are heavily supported by plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists.

2. Very corporate environment – keeping up appearances is important

3. The housing market held up here longer than in most other places… tie in with optional surgical procedures? Is the economy just that good around here?


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