How else are you going to get ahead at work?

February 21, 2008

I don’t know I’m not a golfer, but some thoughts

  • Outdoor recreation has been declining (I believe it, there are enough studies and polls out there to confirm it, I think too I’ve heard of consolidation in the outdoor gear industry). Not sure the same reasons, say, mountain biking has declined would apply to golf directly.
  • Not sure about tax breaks for open space. Private courses, are private. Golf courses take a lot of land and alter it dramatically, especially thinking of coastal courses. They need a lot of water I assume and artificial fertilizers to keep green.
  • Maybe it’s too hard to become good at it or to pay it (would that explain any drop off in business type golfing though?) It costs $1000s of dollars to pay for golf schools, etc., clubs, balls, etc., and greens fees

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