McMansions morph into McSlums

February 22, 2008

Apologies to the McDonald’s Corporation for the over use of ‘Mc’

Reminds me of Michigan Avenue in Detroit in a previous decade, or any given early 20th century upper class neighborhood in a number of US cities. The inner cities declined, the white took flight, and once grand neighborhoods deteriorated. Many of these have come back again in the past 10 years as the article points out. People who can afford it and want to cut their transit time down, among other reasons, want ‘walkable’ communities. Just as in the mid-20th century, when those who could not afford to go to the suburbs had to stay in the inner city, the reverse is happening. Those who cannot afford the newer inner city communities will be pushed into the suburbs.

As far as the cheap construction the author describes – when I was looking at buying my first home in the late 90s, I was confronted with house after house with cracked walls, separating foundations and brick/mortar cracking. These were houses less than 10 years old.

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