I am too am an unfortunate customer of Sprint, stuck with my contract

February 23, 2008


BusinessWeek has a truly excellent article about the customer service meltdown that lead to Sprint’s current notorious reputation for poor customer service. The article sums up what we’ve been reporting over the past year: After the Sprint/Nextel merger, “customer service” was essentially destroyed as a concept at the new company. The CSRs were rigidly timed and judged only on how short their calls were and how many contract extensions they were able to bring in. Even bathroom breaks were monitored, one ex-Sprint CSR told BusinessWeek.

Coverage isn’t so good either. But, I get a discount through my employer, and I do have a reasonably priced plan, so what do you do? Why did I wind up with them in the first place… I guess at the time I was living somewhere else, and they didn’t suck.


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