50 ways to leave your IT job

February 25, 2008

OK, 7 ways


People are disillusioned by IT, want to get out..

This is being posted by an IT magazine website! Are things that bad in the IT profession?


FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – Fifteen I.T. professionals who left their field to find success in new careers share their advice along with life coach and author Joanne Dustin in her new book, Life Beyond IT: Open the Door, Your Future is Waiting.


Today, millions of I.T. jobs are being outsourced and the current economic climate might lead to even more job loss. But this does not mean the future looks bleak, says career and life coach Joanne Dustin in her information-packed guide, Life Beyond IT: Open the Door, Your Future is Waiting.


A former I.T. professional herself, Dustin transitioned to a coaching position when she saw so many of her colleagues floundering after losing their jobs. In Life Beyond IT, Dustin has gathered advice from 15 I.T. professionals, all of whom broadened their outlook and moved on to new and more satisfying career options. In calm, clear prose, she guides readers into realizing that losing an I.T. job or transitioning to a new career is not the end of the world, but rather the beginning of a brighter, happier one.


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