Have to watch those consultants

March 5, 2008


Not a bad, short article. You could substitute ‘XXX’ for ‘SOA’, and except for some minor details, would work as well.

The problem is that many of the people looking to hire SOA consultants don’t understand the difference between JBOWS and a true SOA

JBOWS meaning ‘justabunchofwebservices’ here. Take away here is that many consultants don’t know or understand what they are consulting about

many consultants are a bit too chummy with vendors. Thus, you’ll find that they implement the same vendors and technology each and every time.

Well, you have to go with what you know. It’s not even about the free parties and weekend outings.

there needs to be a predefined process. While many SOA consultants try to use older SDLC and enterprise architecture processes…

really the same point as the earlier one. You go with what you know.

The issues here are not a case of bad intentions.

Political point. Maybe not overtly bad intensions, but IT is a business mired in puffery, exaggeration and deception. Whenever a buzzword comes out and you want to hire a consultant who knows the buzzword, you have to figure that, they may have just learned about the buzzword at the same time you did. The consultant has to convince that they know the buzzword. You want to believe that you can find somebody who knows it, and they want to convince you because they would like to get paid (the money thing) and enjoy an upper middle class lifestyle. No blame there, everybody wants to do that and more.


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