The beginning of the end (IT outsourcing to India)?

March 13, 2008

I post enough offshoring posts – maybe have an offshoring blog all to itself, like “The Earth is All Wrinkly, Don’t Get Caught in the Folds” or “Flatworld – The 3rd Dimension is a Myth” 

Good thing the medical outsourcing / tourism is taking off then. I’ve thought that medical outsourcing, from having a radiologist reading at X-ray over the Net to surrogate motherhood, could even surpass business IT outsourcing.

Remains to be seen regarding the IT skills ‘shortage’ in the USA – If there actually is one, then there will be no choice but to use offshore labor.

The author credits the lack of talent and competition of other global talent as the reasons for the decline, but certainly the rise of the rupee / fall of the greenback has caused labor rates to shoot up in the past year (I know the companies are compensating by extending working hours to make up for contractually obligated rates).


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