User inertia in upgrading software

March 26, 2008

Why the security types have such concerns about users – here’s a big reason

IE 7’s been the standard from Microsoft for what, 2 years? The purpose of the post to tell you how hard it is for web developers (Ajax developers) to code for all these old browsers out there, thus a campaign to get people to upgrade.

Interesting that IE 5 still has a market share comparable to that of Opera and Safari. Firefox’s adoption seems to have tapered off in the past 4 – 6 months.

Corporate IT departments can be the biggest laggards of them all. I know companies where IE 7 cannot be used yet. There are places that don’t use Windows XP yet for that matter.

Odds not so good for yet another major release of IE (didnt MS say at one time that IE 7 was it??) and Ballmer’s diabolical plans to corner Web 2.0.

Definitely an issue though with using Ajax (AJAX?) in general, as is freely admitted. Compatibility and lack of features in older browsers have to be dealt with in writing public web applications.

Update: Dump IE 6 campaign battle


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