18 year old dies from an attempted cosmetic procedure

March 27, 2008

aka breast augmentation, or in the vernacular a boob job. Saw this on the WordPress blog postings. I am actually linking to something from a Fox site.

Ok, thoughts

  • Plastic surgery can be dangerous even to the well heeled
  • Wonder who paid for the procedure? Doting parents, perhaps. Maybe she worked summers and after school for the money. When I was in high school we worked to earn money for a car and insurance. Times change.
  • The (victim?) has been described by friends as “perfect” – except in her own mind? She apparently suffered from having one breast that wasn’t quite like the other one.
  • “…doctors believe Kuleba died of a rare and potentially deadly genetic reaction to general anesthesia known as malignant hyperthermia, which sends the body into shock.” Didn’t know there was such a thing.
  • Doctors originally tried to persuade the family to not have an autopsy. Wonder why?
  • Seems like doing these things on an outpatient basis outside of a real hospital isn’t the way to go.
  • She died while being put under anesthesia, the actual cosmetic procedure wasn’t even attempted. Anesthesia, like any medical procedure, can be dangerous, and creepy
  • All invasive (i.e. anything involving cutting into the body) procedures carry some degree of risk, no matter who’s doing it or where, so elective procedures should be considered carefully. Despite it all, one may decide a procedure is worth the risk (though humans are not so good at perceiving risk).

While I’m on the FoxNews site, here’s testimony to the power of prayer.


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