Facebook facilitates mass interpersonal persuasion

March 28, 2008

 Also, it’s the biggest thing since radio:


BJ Fogg, a Stanford professor who teaches a “Psychology of Facebook” class, spoke at the Snap Summit 2.0 in San Francisco, where he told the audience that he believes Facebook is the most revolutionary technology since the radio in terms of influencing the decisions we make and the actions we take. He also laid out six ways in which Facebook developers can create successful applications by tapping into Facebook’s capability to facilitate “mass interpersonal persuasion.”
http://credibilityserver.stanford.edu/captology/facebook/ – The prof’s course

Hmm, you hear a lot about schools not teaching ‘current’ skills to IT majors – Well, Stanford is teaching Facebook. And it takes like 7 people to teach the course too, didnt have that luxury when I was in grad school.

Meanwhile, at least one other past grad of Stanford is pushing an alternative to the Facebook juggernaut.


One Response to “Facebook facilitates mass interpersonal persuasion”

  1. bjfogg Says:

    Thanks for covering my talk at SNAP Summit 2.0 in your blog post. You’re right that there are six ways you can create a successful Facebook application. Each one of these six existed before Facebook and if you do any one of these things it will help.

    But the powerful thing that Facebook and other social networks allow is that you can do all of them at once. It all comes together in one system now and it’s the combination that is important. That’s the key to Mass Interpersonal Persuasion.

    By the way, the article on Mass Interpersonal Persuasion is available now. You can find it here:


    BJ Fogg
    Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab

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