Converting to Redmondism

April 1, 2008

The author of this blog is hereby renouncing Javaism and is converting to Redmondism. I once ignored critics of my previous faith, which has even been accused of Popery,  but it has been severely tested over the past several years. I have even been studying post-Javaism, but felt that a stronger expression of my beliefs was necessary.

Javaism requires:

It all went downhill when I began to sin. It started with incredulity. I moved on to commit heresy, then moved on to commit apostasy, and then ascented to schism.

I got an email one day inviting me to a revival meeting to discuss a new faith. Redmondism was founded by The Holy Triumverate and has the following tenets:

Redmonism has alternatively been accused of not being as proslytizing as Javaism, of not being a coherent faith, and on the other hand, has been accused of popery. Followers are certainly capable of frenzied outbursts amongst heretics.


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