Just learn to squat

April 2, 2008

The biggest thing that may affect the opinions of foreign visitors to the Beijing Olympic Games this summer will not be the situation in Tibet, the high levels of smog in the city, the levels of traffic, or even certain habits you see in public. It will be the preponderance of squat toilets at the venues. First, China changed the names of the necessaries. That’s a start. But it appears that too many Westerners will have to squat to relieve themselves. Granted, China has a reputation for doozy loos.

But even assuming that the Chinese can clean up their act, and can begin installing Western sit-down toilets, here’s one solution. I’ve traveled in the East, and I can say that, you can read up and learn to use a squat toilet. Unless you have a medical condition that does not allow you to squat, they’re better for you anyway. It’s considered a sign of modernity to use a Western toilet, but that’s you know a crock of..  Yes, squat toilets assume an earlier style of clothing, but can still be used by us moderns. You can easily install one yourself at home to practice.


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