China’s turn to hate the French

April 21, 2008

Now that "The American " is President of France, and we have eased french fries back onto the US House cafeteria menu, it’s up to somebody else to take the mantle of Frog Haters #2 (the English will always be #1, always).

Sarkozy is trying to butter up to China, seeing how China’s economy has recently surpassed France’s. Ah, but the elected officials of Paris are making it tough for The American. The Chinese are having none of this apology  stuff so far. They don’t seem to have burned any Tricolor flags yet, but someone has put attached a swastika to one (comment #1: some on the far right in France wouldn’t have much of a problem with this, #2: weren’t the Nazis bosom buddies with China’s other bigtime public enemy, Japan?).

Note: Apparently flags have been burned . Also too an American teacher was beaten up after been sighted walking out the of a Carrefour store.

Meanwhile, Beijing is going to try a little education to teach the people of Tibet that the Dalai Lama is a really, really bad man. This shows that Bejing is getting a little soft. With all the complaints that ethnic Chinese were being beaten and killed by the ungrateful Tibetans, all ostensibly in the name of the Dalai Lama, you know that in the old days the Tibetans would have been hurded into concentration camps and worked to death, or be lined up and shot. Well, some have been shot, but maybe not as many as you might expected.



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