Where did Charles Taylor do his banking?

May 2, 2008

Taylor ‘had billions’ in US bank . The ex-president of Liberia had holed away as much as $5 billion according to the article. Got the money from the diamond trade (with a little help from friend Pat Robertson).

Among some of the projects the democratically elected Taylor used his money for were to pay his soldiers to eat people

Describing himself as Mr Taylor’s former chief of operations and commander of a death squad in Liberia and Sierra Leone, Mr Marzah said the former leader ordered militias to eat the flesh of enemies in Liberia, including African and UN peacekeepers.

"He said we should eat them. Even the UN white people – he said we could use them as pork to eat," Mr Marzah said, adding that it was to "set an example for the people to be afraid".

When asked by defence lawyer Courtenay Griffith about how the militiamen would "prepare a human being" for eating, Mr Marzah described the splitting, cleaning, decapitating and cooking of the corpse with salt and pepper.

"We slit your throat, butcher you… throw away the head, take the flesh and put it in a pot… Charles Taylor knows that," he added.

Mr Marzah also described how he had killed so many men, women and children that he had lost count, and also slit open the stomachs of pregnant women on Mr Taylor’s orders.

It’s the testimony of one guy, but in the context of Liberia, it’s believable.



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