So there’s no lack of CompSci grads after all

May 12, 2008

For business / corporate environments, anyway:

Job announcements for business analyst and business-related IT positions specify that the candidate should possess a degree in Computer Technology or Computer Science. The problem with that degree requirement is that computer science and technology degrees do not require business courses. How can you expect alignment to occur between business and IT when the technology staff has no business training or background? You can’t.

Guess that makes sense. For proof, the article has a table listing what college courses business students take on one side, and what courses CompSci students take on the other. The CompSci students take stuff like math and other hard stuff. The author does say there is a place for CompSci grads, but I’m not sure how many corporations not in the Web 2.0 biz would hire many artificial intelligence specialists.

So according to the author of this piece, many of the people who are complaining about the lack of CompSci grads, don’t need them, in fact should not hire them.


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