Mexican gov’t must be winning the drug war, by our reasoning

May 19, 2008

The police chief of a northern Mexican city has resigned following a wave of violence involving drug traffickers, officials say.

Guillermo Prieto was one of 22 police officers in Ciudad Juarez named on a hit list of drug gangs.

Seven of those named have been killed in recent weeks, and most of the others are said to have resigned.

President Felipe Calderon has deployed more than 30,000 troops across Mexico to stem drug-related violence.

¿Què problema? La guerra està ganada:

Some government spokesmen have argued that the latest wave of killings is a sign the cartels are being weakened by the massive troop deployment and that they are trying to hit back.

By the same reasoning we have had for explaining violence in Iraq. For example, from an article from Slate in 2004 :

A year later, the insurgents are not defeated, conditions are not more peaceful, the blanket of fear is spreading, cooperation is fraying, and attacks on U.S. personnel are growing bolder. Does this prove Bush is failing? No. It proves he’s succeeding.

When the violence increased this spring, Bush, Vice President Cheney , and White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said insurgents were growing " desperate " in their efforts to " derail the transition "—the handover of sovereignty scheduled for June 30. "This is precisely what our enemies want," Bush argued . The violence proved Bush was on the right track, and the handover would soon be complete, demoralizing the enemy. The insurgents would be crushed. "In Fallujah, Marines of Operation Vigilant Resolve are taking control of the city, block by block," Bush bragged .


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