Can’t Bengaluru build trains to the new airport?

May 20, 2008

New airport in Bengaluru (the city formerly known in English as Bangalore) 40 km outside of the city. Will cause drive times to be between two and four hours to get to it. The old airport, on the edge of the city, will close. Importance of foreign outsourcing deals: the article says that 30 percent of all IT staff in the city fly out of the country every quarter.

The city’s business leaders and some other citizens are demanding that both airports be allowed to operate, with the older airport on the outskirts of the city at least handling short-distance traffic to and from Bangalore. The Bangalore City Connect Foundation (BCCF), an organization set up by Bangalore’s citizens, is demanding that government renegotiate its contract with BIA to allow for the continued operation of the old airport for some traffic.

Industry representatives, including some from outsourcer Infosys Technologies, took to the streets on Saturday to protest the closure of the older airport.

Doesn’t Infosys and the rest of the IT outsourcers have the political muscle to keep the old airport open. Bengaluru could be like Washington DC, that has two airports, the old one (Reagan) near downtown and the new one (Dulles), I think more than 40 km out. Even after 9/11, concerns about the safety of the White House couldn’t keep Reagan airport closed. Reagan is just too convenient to fly into and hop on the Metro to get downtown or the Capitol in literally minutes. Dulles, on the other hand, is a pain to get to (Metro is being extended there however).

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