God hates China, sources say

May 20, 2008

In light of the previous post, I found this posting, “God hates China.” It describes the kind of thing the Internet has made possible, along with billionaire teenaged geeks and penis enlargement spam.

Yes, in an interconnected world, the previously mutually exclusive universes of a crazed Bible-thumping preacher in Topeka, Kansas and a China Daily columnist can come crashing together.

Yes, the story involves the wackjob Baptist church in Kansas that protests Iraq war burials and believes everyone is Sweden is homosexual (except maybe Tiger Woods’ wife)  Their blog here indeed affirms, that God hates CHINA!

If there is a single person in China who fears God, loves God, and keeps his commandments – THEY AGREE THAT GOD HATES CHINA!

There may be a few people in China who fear God. If so, there are two things of which you can be certain: First, they’re being persecuted by the pagan brutes of that nation, which is a nation that has forgotten God and whom God hates. Second, they agree with what we say about this earthquake – 100%. They will believe the words of Psalm 48, Psalm 58 and Revelation 18; they will rejoice (described as washing their feet in the blood of the wicked, which flows when God avenges himself, foot-washing being a refreshment).

Anyone who is claiming to be serving God, who lives in China, who is not telling China that God hates China, and God sent the earthquake to punish them, and as an adumbration of the destruction of the whole world that is coming soon, is a liar.


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