Cruel to be Kind

May 27, 2008

Hamlet : I do repent; but heaven hath pleas’d it so
To punish me with this, and this with me,
That I must be their scourge and minister.
I will bestow him, and will answer well
The death I gave him. So again good night.
I must be cruel only to be kind.
This bad begins and worse remains behind.

Cruel to be Kind  – Oh, I can’t take another heartache
Though you say oh my friend, I’m at my wit’s end
You say your love is bonafide, but that don’t coincide

With the things that you do and when I ask you to be nice
You say you’ve got to be…

Cruel to be kind in the right measure
Cruel to be kind it’s a very good sign
Cruel to be kind means that I love you
Baby, got to be cruel, you got to be cruel to be kind …

Coward . You don’t even have some place to be late for, which she’ll remind you of, but that was the quickest, most gutless way to bail out of the situation and run for the tall grass of changed conversations. You feel like a dishonest, pathetic excuse for a person…


Doodle by Lee . The code for this doodle and other doodles you can use on your blog can be found at Doodles .

 Anyway. Back to the main topic : ‘being cruel to be kind’ is a true truism if ever there was one.

Take, for example, someone preparing you a sandwich for the first time. They smother it with vegemite and pineapple jam. After reluctantly taking a bite against your better judgment and once the gagging subsides they ask you "Do you like it?"

If you were a kind idiot, you’d probably say "It’s the best vegemite and pineapple jam sandwhich I’ve ever had." While probably true given that someone would be unlikely to eat such a thing twice, the problem here is that the perpertrator of this crime against humanity will be encouraged in their ineptitude.

I would reply more truthfully thus: "That’s the most disgusting travesty against nature I’ve ever had the misfortune to become aware of!" While this may have a short term negative affect on morale, relationships, etc., the long term good justifies this. The sandwhich maker will either attempt to improve their skills to the benefit of all or they’ll give up and save the world from their ‘skills’ (putting the ‘kills’ into ‘skills’).

If I were to answer "Fantastic! You are a deity of the arts! God painted all the beauty in the world with the shit from your arse!" then that would be ‘false kindness’. This false kindness is the root cause of mediocrity in society. If everyone is politely telling everyone else that what they are doing is good enough then we’ll never actually get anything that is good .



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