Curry westerns?

May 28, 2008

 Vinod Chopra  is set to make a movie in New Mexico:

Chopra’s Broken Horses, with a screenplay based on an original story by Chopra himself, is the work of several award-winning writers including Abhijat Joshi (Lage Raho Munnabhai, Eklavya and 64 Squares) and Jason Richman (Bangkok Dangerous, Swing Vote) and legendary BAFTA winner and Academy Award nominated screenwriter and executive producer, Nick Pileggi as script consultant (Goodfellas, Casino and American Gangster). Chopra has recently returned from script and development meetings in Los Angeles and scouting locations in New Mexico…

I can’t find anywhere on the Net what the plot of the movie is. It has a Western filming location, and a Western name, so maybe it’s a Western.

Vinod Chopra Films and Reliance Big Entertainment have inked a multiple film production deal to co-produce feature films over the next three years.

Reliance Big Entertainment , owned by Anil Ambani (one of the world’s richest men), counts George Soros as an investor. RBE, as its name suggests, has some big plans :

Indeed, this trend is being fuelled by the international ambitions of cash-rich Bollywood production and world distribution sector players.

RBE has swung development deals with companies owned by Hollywood stars Nicholas Cage, Brad Pitt, Jim Carey, Tom Hanks and George Clooney.

These strategic partnerships, says RBE’s creative consultant Prasoon Joshi, could in the long run yield "Hollywood films with Indian stories".

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