jWebApp Java web framework

June 4, 2008

I missed this one earlier, so it wasn’t considered for the Java web framework tournament.

jWebApp is a trouble free full stack MVC web application framework that truly removes the complexities of web development and its configuration. jWebApp is so simple, it can actually be learned in a matter of minutes. This release includes added support for URL to object mapping, forms, and RESTful web services.

jWebApp Features:

  • An extremely easy web application framework
  • Full stack web development
  • Model-View-Controller architecture
  • Incredibly easy server side AJAX support
  • Full support for RESTful web services
  • Simple configuration free web applications
  • Easy-to-use URL to object mapping
  • Extremely small learning curve (learn in minutes)
  • All the functionality offered by other frameworks and more
  • No proprietary tag libraries and no need for any
  • Use JSP/JSTL, Velocity, or whatever you like
  • Use regular HTML and Forms
  • Optionally use any BSF compatible scripting language
  • Extensive validation support for your data
  • Easily handle forwarding, redirects, and non-secure connections
  • Easily handle SSL(https)
  • Role level security
  • Container- and application-based authentication
  • Built-in URL rewriting for handling cookie-limited browsers
  • Multipart forms and file uploads
  • Email with attachments and HTML
  • Backend direct payment processing
  • Support for regular expression matching
  • Secure file downloading and uploading
  • and tons more (with jCommonTk, jWebTk and JPersist)

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