Desis spell better than other Americans

June 17, 2008

Apparently South Asians (Desis) are doing exceptionally well at the classic American institution known as the spelling bee. The English language is very difficult to learn because it is so inconsistent. Spelling is especially difficult because you pretty much need to memorize (memorise) the way a word is spelt (spelled) ,and the spelling of a word varies from country to country.

I don’t know if this is yet another sign of rise of the Desi generation in America. Louisiana decided that it needed the state over to a 30-something Desi. A lot of companies (Pepsi, Citigroup) have Desi CEOs. Disney is shooting a pseudo-Bollywood teen movie. When I see kheer flavored ice cream at Baskin Robbins I’ll know the rise is nearly complete.

Anyway, Desis won’t be coming up due to spelling. That’s because spelling is overrated. It is being replaced by shortcuts, acronyms and symbols, LOL.



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