Filipino-American achievement

June 25, 2008

The Philippines has produced great talent over the years, a record of achievement. Being conquered, pacified and then occupied by the USA for about 50 years may have done some good.

President Bush believes that the Philippine nation is honored every time his FIlipino-American cook makes his dinner. The President may be enjoying fusion Filipino-Chinese cuisine as we speak.

Fox News’ resident Filipino-American makes sure that America is safe from donut wielding terrorists.

Remember the infamous “I Love You” computer virus – Yep, written by a Filipino. Not by a Filipino-American, but the virus did a lot of damage in America.

Filipino women may make better American wives than American women. If you need help in finding a Filipino wife, learn to say “I need a woman” in the FIlipino native language, Tagalog. Some people post photos of Filipino wives along with pet cats, dogs and turtles online.

Your life may be saved by a Filipino-American  nurse, As you’ve heard, the USA has a severe nursing shortage, and Filipinos are filling in the gap, as long as they aren’t treated too badly by their sponsors and walk off the job.

Many FIlipino nurses in the USA were once doctors back home, and their mass exodus is threatening the entire Phillippine health care system . But don’t worry about that, you are benefitting from them coming over here, the same way Bush benefits from his Filipino chef.

And don’t forget that the Philippines once produced a dictator-of-the-decade. Of course he stayed in power with the aid of good shoe salesman, and with a little help from his friends.


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  1. […] a prominent Filipino-American. Who said that Ms. Comerford was a prominent Filipino-American? Why, George W. Bush. While answering questions in the Oval Office with President Gloria Arroyo of the Philippines, Bush […]

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