Doctor does harm, or ER Doc creates business for himself

July 11, 2008

From this posting:

LAist tells the story in depth, but basically a motor vehicle driver, outraged that he was being asked to Share the Road, sped past some cyclists and slammed on his brakes; using his car as a weapon to critically injure the cyclists.  Ron Peterson had no time to swerve and ended up with his face slamming into the car’s rear windshield.  The other cyclist, Christian Stoehr, had more time to maneuver and escaped with an assortment of cuts and bruises.  Both cyclists are accomplished racers who know how to safely maneuver on the road.

When a third cyclist attempted to stop the doctor from leaving the scene the driver laid into him with curse words and threatened to drive over his bike.

Apparently an emergency room doctor who likes to create his own patients..  also has a thing against bicyclists too. And, will he have his license to practice medicine taken from him? (note, he probably wouldn’t in North Carolina, where you can whack your existing patients, but that’s another story)

Where I live, drivers don’t much like cyclists either. Cycling is just dangerous, just today in NC a drunk driver pleaded guilty to running over and killing a cyclist, in the middle of the day. Just to show, the penalty for killing pedestrians or cyclists ain’t much:

The accident occurred on the morning of Reid’s 21st birthday, and his breath alcohol content ranged from 0.09 to 0.13 in the hours after the wreck. A level of 0.08 is considered impaired, according to state law.

Reid doesn’t have a criminal record. If he pleads guilty, he could face a maximum sentence of 16 months in prison or have that sentence waived in favor of probation.


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