Photography in the UK in continued peril

July 11, 2008

According to a UK high government official (The Home Secretary) one is subject to detention or arrest in the UK for taking photographs in public, depending on the discretion of local authorities. This is very chilling for professional photographers, as well as the casual amateur or tourist in that country. An earlier post showed that one could be accused of crimes such as pedophilia for taking photos in public.

I like to travel, and I always have a camera with me so I would have to steer clear of the UK when traveling to Europe. Now, do other countries in Europe have similar laws / policies?

Things in America aren’t so much better in some places. You can be held by police in the US II’ve heard of people being detained in New York City) as well for photographing the ‘wrong’ things in public. Authorities should get the memo that says that terrorists don’t go around snapping photos in public.


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