Ex-Christian driving an SUV, or Faded Fish

July 12, 2008

OK in traffic today in my fair city I was cut off by an SUV (not noteworthy to be sure), but when stopped at the next traffic light (what was accomplished by the earlier maneuver?) noticed the faded, shadowy remains of a fish symbol on the SUV’s rear. Either the decal just fell off, leaving the adhesive marks, or likely, it was pulled off. Now is there a mad fish-decal-puller-offer going around terrorizing the honest citizens of my city, or did the owner de-convert and pull the decal off? If the decal had been torn off by another party, or had fallen off, the SUV owner should have replaced it as soon as practicably possible. So, my running theory is that the driver is an, ex-Christian. If so, the driver wouldn’t need to feel any guilt about cutting people off in traffic anymore!


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