UK food rationing to return??

July 12, 2008

I just mentioned in passing in a previous post the ending of UK food rationing in 1954. Well LOL due to the 2008 energy crisis, it may be back, if only (initially) as a voluntary measure\:

Evoking an era of World War II austerity, British families are being urged to cut food waste and use leftovers in a nationwide effort to fight sharply rising global food prices.

It’s not back to ration books, “victory gardens” or squirrel-tail soup yet, but warning bells are being rung by experts at all levels of Britain’s government as well as from the World Food Program.

Wasting food is immoral in many cultures. If the UK can’t quite kick its petrol habit (I found that it’s almost as auto dependent as the US) at least it can reduce the wasting of food.

This site has a good folk historical overview of WW II food rationing in the UK. ‘Yes! We have no bananas today!’

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