Reason to home school your kids (at least in Arizona)

July 13, 2008

Well, a court barely ruled that a school can’t strip search your kids for practically any reason. Barely.

You should read Washington Monthly blog regularly.

Some points about kids in school:

  • America is paranoid about drugs.
  • But maybe more paranoid about pedophiles. I guess you can trust the school authorities not to be pedophiles. You can’t guarantee they aren’t on drugs. I had teachers who were pedophiles and hard drug users, and that was the 1980s.
  • Kids don’t have the same legal rights as adults, in general. From what I understand, courts have ruled before that schools only need a reasonable belief of something bad happening before acting on it, not a higher standard of proof.
  • Schools have standings under the doctine of loco parentis, Latin for ya. That is, the schools act in place of parents during the school day or during school activities. So, would parents have a right to strip search their kids?
  • Maybe the kids are going to have to learn with their generation that civil liberties are going to be resticted, so they have as well get educated about it by their teachers.

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