Microsoft says you’re deluded about Vista, or why not Windows Classic?

July 30, 2008

Apparently Microsoft you’re full of it if you believe that Vista is a piece of crap, so they commissioned a PR firm to conduct a blind taste user test with a mythical OS called ‘Mojave’. One group was presented with a new OS called ‘Mojave’ and asked their opinion after using watching it in action. There didn’t seem to be a control group of actual Vista users, so the study wasn’t controlled and the users didn’t actually have to use the product.

Regardless, the perception is out there and is probably stronger among IT professionals who won’t touch it. And Microsoft has been going ahead with Windows 7 or whatever it will be.

Maybe Vista is Redmond’s New Coke and people are clamoring for Coke Classic, Windows XP. Coke commission blind taste tests too, real tests, that showed that people either actually preferred New Coke or couldn’t tell the difference. But Coke managed through bad marketing to screw themselves, leading to the decision to bring back the old formula as ‘Classic’, then over the years dropping the ‘Classic’ from the name on the cans.


One Response to “Microsoft says you’re deluded about Vista, or why not Windows Classic?”

  1. […] November 26, 2008 Indeed, if it ever went anywhere. Earlier in the year, Microsoft launched its Mojave Experiment ad campaign to great ridicule in the IT community. Yesterday, I saw a Mojave ad on NBC I believe, […]

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