Zimbabwe dollar to be redenominated

July 30, 2008

Apparently the spectre of bread costing Z$250 billion, the government will be dropping ten (10) zeros off of the currency.  That’s 10,000,000,000. So that loaf of bread will now cost Z$25. As of yesterday a single US dollar was going from anywhere from Z$110 billion to Z$500 billion (quite a range, those particular currency dealers must not be on the same street). It’s nice to be a dictator, where you can arbitrary wash that inflation right out of your hair, however much Mugabe has left. Mugabe says that if things keep getting worse with the Z-dollar, then ’emergency measures’ will be needed. How much more emergency can things get there?

For those who purchased your bills on EBay you better hurry to redeem your bills because I would assume the old bills will be pulled from circulation, except for the report that Zimbabwe was running out of paper to print bills on.


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