The Knoxville church shooter hated America

July 31, 2008

Well, it’s a free country, sort of, for now I guess. So I can make a claim like this post’s headline, a claim no worse than many made by these folks who influenced the shooter Adkinsson. That, and I perhaps his feeling that his ex was a bitch.

Now, was Adkinsson a mild mannered homebody who bought some bestsellers at his local Barnes and Noble, and was transformed through reasoned argument by the likes of Ann Coulter to go out and start bumping off liberals? No, he was likely an unhinged person made so by his lack of life success. America does hate losers. He latched onto the prevailing right wing propaganda (especially strong in the South) and projected his failures upon liberals, of which apparently his wife was one of. The way people would blame Jews for their troubles in the past. As for the choice of target, probably the only place he knew of where he could find bunches of liberals to blow away (he had like 75 rounds of ammo) was his wife’s Unitarian church.

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