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Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney

August 29, 2008

There was a Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney from Edinburgh who seemed to be a Forrest Gump amongst the 1960s pop and rock community, while being an expert on many subjects. That is, according to comments left on many different websites mostly by locobrick and suspectdevice71: There are seemingly 100s of these factlets and factoids sprinkled throughout cyberspace:

Scottish psychiatrist Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney was the first medical expert to diagnose Dementia 12. This film and title were a take-off from his discovery. I believe dementia 12 is a particularly sinister form of dementia, and Doctor Charles Follen McKim Maloneys method of prognosis has more than halved the rate of violence associated with it. Dr Maloney had limited success treating sufferers of dementia 12 by having them suspended in a vat of warm treacle while the works of Turkish Sufi mystic Shem of Tabriz were read aloud to them! Unfortunately the great man went missing before this pionneering work could be completed!
Very few people know about the warm treacle. Dr. Charles Follen McKIm Maloney had a contract with the Callard & Bowser confectionery company for his full treacle baths.

It should be noted that Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney actually thought that Dementia 12 was twice as debilitating as Dementia 6, but could not prove it categorically because further testing needed to be done. He vanished just before he was able to prove his hypothesis.

The bands name Voice of the beehive is a salute to legendary humanitarian Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney. He proved with a device of his own design that beehives emmit an ultrasonic binary signal which he said could be interpreted as a language. Unfortunately to academias great loss Dr Maloney disappeared in 1981 before he could decipher what the bees were saying. Interestingly the bee is a symbol of nobiltiy which I think says something of the great dr!

 – suspectdevice7

(10 days ago) Now that the smoking Nazis have got a stranglehold here in the UK and children can’t get their essential vitamins and iron from cigarettes the incidence of childhood rickets has exploded. My second cousins nieces son has bow legs and walks like he just rode bare back across Arizona. I’m trying to arange a package holiday to flavor country for him, the poor wee mite!

locobuick (10 days ago) Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney was the first medical expert to predict that if anti-smoking crusaders continued, thousands of children would be affected. It has turned out he was right. Last year over 18,000 US schoolchildren were diagnosed with NDS (nicotine deficiency syndrome) and the number is alarmingly on the rise. The American Medical Association is now considering implementing mandatory smoking in all classes ages 5 thru 17.

suspectdevice7 (10 days ago) I grow my own tobacco, cure it and then produce my own cigarettes. I follow the guidlines set out in Dr Charles Follen McKim Maloneys book ‘healthy smoking for the clever man’. My home made cigarettes are infused with 5 kinds of kelp and help me maintain healthy hair and potent virilty. Thank the sweet lord for Dr. Maloney!

locobuick (10 days ago) Winstons used to be fortified with 8 essential vitamins plus calcium for stronger bones. Children now must eat expensive, indigestable flavoured vitamin tablets to get the same nutrition they got from just one packet of delicious Winstons. Science may one day accomplish this, but it hasn’t done so yet.

suspectdevice7 (11 days ago) Mmmm I’m in flavor country!!

suspectdevice7 (11 days ago) There was a brand of cigarette launched in the UK in the fifties called ‘strand’. The tag line on their adverts was ‘you’re never alone with a strand’. The brand failed to sell well and was removed from the market. Research showed that the name ‘Strand’ and the advertising made people associate their brand with being lonely and a maladjusted social misfit!

locobuick (11 days ago) It is a shame today’s children are not allowed to learn the differences among different cigarette brands.

Thomas Dolby – She blinded with science – locobuick said:  Professor George …
Professor George Tenby was forever after in awe of Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney after his Maloney Pure Conjecture method restored the professor’s sight. In recognition of Dr. Maloney’s groundbreaking discoveries, there is now an entire wing named after him at the London Hospital for Deranged Scientists.

> suspectdevice71 dijo el 26-06-08 a las 12:39: It is said that whilst on safari the endearing Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney presented Nixon with a shrunken head. Nixon is said to have treasured the shrunken head
> locobuick dijo el 26-06-08 a las 02:52: Mr. Nixon had just got back from a safari with famed and celebrated Dr. Charles Follen Mckim Maloney when this was filmed with Jack Paar.
> locobuick dijo el 26-06-08 a las 23:59: So true, suspectdevice71. Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney received the shrunken head as a gift from the mayor of La Penita, Mexico, Don Vidor Guitron, after the Hot Air Balloon the Dr. was travelling in with Mr. Frank Sinatra (in a secret trip–indeed Mr. Sinatra and Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney departed from the Isle of Wight destined for Puerta Vallarta)went down on Don Guitron’s rancho in a crash landing. The Don killed his fattest pig and the trio had a grand fiesta.

…What an interesting question, as the number one UK fan of your answers I must say that these American people are so suggestable,I once hypnotised a chicken using a technique I learned from the esteemed work of Dr Charles Follen Mckim Maloney. I learnt the method from a paper published in 1976 by Maloney called “Methods of Vetirinarian Mesmerism”. I convinced the chicken that it was a lecherous French Lingerie salesman called Jaques Oooh la la Dupont. I was unable to reverse the effects and “Jacques” now lives in my garden! He is pleasant enough but is terribly salacious and suggestive to female guests!! Tally Ho and may god save the queen
Abba – You are correct! Scottish psychiatrist and clothing designer Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney developed all of ABBA’s outfits. One can also notice the "Maloney Moves" in the choreography of this song.
Association – Windy video

Wendy was actually the girlfriend of famed Scottish psychiatrist Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney. He was a good friend of The Association

Legendary Scottish psychiatrist Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney, friend of Mr. Sinatra, was actually in the studio while this was recorded.

Is she referring to famed Scottish psychiatrist Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney? This was a rumor in the 1970’s but it was not verified.

Alley Oop

This song was written as a joke to commemerate the many accomplishments of the celebrated psychiatrist Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney

KLF – What is love?

The man rapping in this KLF song is actually walking on a treadmill designed by Dr. Charles Follen McKim Maloney. It was called The Rap Master 3000











Porn browser won’t make you completely safe

August 29, 2008

Just remember with all the attention that IE 8 is getting for being able to better control the data and surfing history that is kept on your machine. It can’t do anything about your history being tracked by providers or your employer if you are viewing such sites at work.

Thinking you’re having a bad day?

August 27, 2008

Say you’re a single mom with five kids (two of them needing ‘special assistance’) and you just lost your rental house because a car ran into it. You have just lost your job in this economy, you have no insurance for your lost stuff, and have nowhere to live. But you still have faith.

Vista is an OS about nothing

August 26, 2008

Maybe that’s not the message. MS announced last week that Jerry Seinfeld of course is being paid a lot of money (maybe the equivalent of two or even three Seinfeld episodes) to hawk Windows Vista. I mention it because via boing boing here’s a page linking to a ton of earlier TV ads using celebrities to pitch PCs or other electronics

The M*A*S*H cast pitching IBM mainframes?

The many names of the Democratic ticket

August 26, 2008

I made a little, throwaway post a few days ago regarding a name association that could would be used by the opposition to the Democratic Presidential ticket this year. These are the search terms used by web surfers to reach my page:

“obama biden”+”osama bin laden”

“osama bin laden” obama biden

biden bin laden

biden obama bin laden youtube

biden obama osama bin laden

biden or binladen

obama & biden osama bin laden

obama biden – osama bin laden

obama biden “osama bin laden”

obama biden = osama bin laden

obama biden asama bin laden

obama biden bin laden

obama biden laden

obama biden osama

obama biden osama “bin laden”

obama biden osama biladen

obama biden osama bin

obama biden osama bin laden

obama biden osama bin laden!

obama biden osama bin linden

obama biden osama binladen

obama biden osama laden

obama biden/osama bin laden

obama biden+osama bin laden

obama biden= osama bin laden

obama/biden osama bin laden

obama/biden osama bin ladin

obama-biden bin laden

obama-biden osama bin laden

obama-biden osama binladin

obama-biden vs osama bin laden

osama bin laden “obama biden”

osama bin laden and obama biden

osama bin laden biden osama

osama bin laden obama biden

osama bin laden, obama biden

osama bin laden/obama biden

osama obama biden “bin laden”

osamabinladen – obamabiden

Yahoo!, konbini and donuts

August 26, 2008

According to TechCrunch, Yahoo! is doing better in Japan than it is in its country of origin:

…While Yahoo seems to be treading water in the US, Yahoo Japan is sitting on top of the Japanese web industry. In fact, Yahoo Japan’s market cap at the Tokyo stock exchange is hovering at around $22 billion, compared to Yahoo’s current $27 billion. Fiscal 2007 marked the 11th consecutive year of profitability and record revenues: Yahoo Japan’s sales grew 23.3% to $2.4 billion (Yahoo in the US: $7 billion) on a year-to-year basis, with a net income of $570 million (US: $660 million).

With 46 million monthly unique visitors, according to comScore, Yahoo Japan reaches 82 percent of all Internet users in the country. That compares to 26 million monthly uniques (or a 46 percent reach) for Google in Japan. (In the U.S., the two are neck and neck, with Yahoo drawing 138 million monthly uniques, and Google 133 million). Alexa also has been ranking Yahoo Japan at No. 1 for years now.

The article explains basically that Yahoo! has simply insinuated itself into its market enough to be considered Japanese, the way Makodonorado’s is considered Japanese.

The fact than an also ran or relatively minor American company could be such a hit in Japan is nothing new. Take something as Japanese as sushi, convenience stores or konbini in Japlish. Three of the largest konbini chains in Japan started as American companies, Lawson’s and 7-Eleven, and Am/Pm. Lawson’s (pronounced Ra-sonsu) started in Ohio, and eventually died out as a brand name in the US. 7-Eleven has somewhat declined in the US but is the ichiban konbini in Japan, and 7-Eleven itself is now owned by its Japanese franchiser. Am/pm is a minor brand in the US but a significant presence in Japan.

Donuts too. Mister Donut, or Misdo, is the major Japanese donut chain that started out in Boston. Most all of the original locations in the US became Dunkin’ Donuts.  Unlike a donut shop in the US, Misdo sells fruit jellies and shrimp pastries.

So even if Yahoo! fails in America, is bought out by Microsoft and we see things like Microsoft Flickr, it can survive on another shore.

Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub

August 25, 2008

I don’t know, I can appreciate the title. Do you know who Millard Fillmore is? He was I believe the last Whig to serve as POTUS. Just a shout out for the blog.

78s archives update, or unlimited != unlimited

August 25, 2008

It’s been a few days since I tried the site, which Yahoo! had taken down, allowed up again, then took down again. Here’s the notice on the site:

Hello, Everyone. My web host provider (Yahoo) shut down my web site because of high volumes of data transfer. Apparently, several folks, thousands each day, were downloading the entire music library, which is over 10 gigabytes, and that was placing a strain on their servers. My web hosting program offers Unlimited Data Transfer, but the amount of data being transfered was greater than the unlimited amount I was alotted so they shut it down. After much negotiation with the Yahoo techs and management, the only option available to get my domain up again was to not allow anyone to download stuff from my domain.

The music files are still there, but I am not allowed to grant access to anyone as they might start downloading again and that will result in my web site and domain being permanently shut down. I was very close to that already, so this option at least got my domain up again.EMAIL ME with the 10 songs you’d most like to hear from the list and I will try to post them. I don’t know if this is going to be a reasonable thing to do, but I’ll give it a shot. Maybe if I just do 10 songs at a time, Yahoo won’t be so overwhelmed. Maybe post these songs for a week or so a time..?? Then rotate to another group of 10.

OK, now if some persons managed to download the entire archive, are they mirroring it anywhere? They’re greedy, but can’t Yahoo! throttle the transfer rate? If not, there’s always BitTorrent, put the archive up in thematically divided chunks, like “blues” or “big band.”

Interesting point: “My web hosting program offers Unlimited Data Transfer, but the amount of data being transfered was greater than the unlimited amount I was alotted so they shut it down.”  Is there any fine print as to what “unlimited” means?

Olympic medal count wrapup

August 25, 2008

On the last day, the US men lost to Hungary in the water polo gold medal game. France won its first gold in men’s handball. You can easily lose sight of the fact that one medal is the same as another. Thus, a gold medal in basketball counts the same as a gold medal in handball, archery or other Olympic sport.

Michael Phelps tied for 9th place with Italy in the final gold medal count. The USA finished with 110 total medals, beating out the haul from Athens. China finished a fairly close second with 100 total medals (give or tka 4 or 5 medals if the women’s gymnastics team winds up disqualfied), Russia 3rd overall, the UK 4th and Australia 5th.

Jamaica received a total of 11 medals, most all in track and field, including several for the world’s fastest human ever, since Neanderthal days. That’s a medal for every 250,000 or so Jamaican residents. However, the Bahamas won two medals, for an average of one medal per 153,000 residents. Georgia got six medals, taking the advice of the IOC and not withdrawing their team after war broke out. Neighboring Causcasian states Azerbaijan got seven medals, Armenia got six. Iran only got two.

India won up with three medals, including its first ever gold in an individual sporting event. That’s one medal for approximately every 380 million Indians. If India had a per capita medal count like Jamaica’s, India would win, well there aren’t enough medals in the Games for that case. Mexico finally wins gold.  

According to the actual official Olympic web site, there were 958 total medals up for grabs. If your country won a single medal, then you tied for 69th place overall amongst the family of nations. If your country won two medals, then you tied for 57th place. If three medals, 51st place. If four medals, 44th place. If five medals, 38th place.  The US won 11.5 percent of all medals. China won 10.5 percent of the total, Russia 7.6 percent.

For the closing ceremony handover, Ken Livingston was denied his place on the stage by London voters back in the spring. Now visitors to London in four years will not have to worry about seeing bingers puking on the Tube. God save the queen.

Obama Biden, Osama bin Laden

August 24, 2008

Obama Biden, Osama bin Laden; Obama Biden, Osama bin Laden

Say it fast 10 times. Once you have it down right, record for McCain YouTube commercial.