Learning .NET tools is like smoking a joint

August 8, 2008

Why you should learn NHibernate for .NET development:

For the uninitiated, wholesome, mamma’s boy Microsoft developer picking up a tool like NHibernate or an Inversion of Control Container like Castle Windsor  can often be the first step towards experimenting with Domain Driven Design (championed by the ALT.NET community), introducing you to a different kind of crowd that does things in a different kind of way, much like smoking Marijuana is considered the “gateway drug” to other, “harder” drugs. In the same way that smoking a Marijuana cigarette while listening to your favorite Jazz records with some new friends on Saturday will often lead you to snorting lines of cocaine off of the floor of a public bathroom in a Tijuana brothel on Sunday, learning and using tools like NHibernate will often lead you towards learning a more maintainable, more flexible and generally more fun way of building your software systems.

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