SOA Fatigue

August 12, 2008

Burton Group is saying (you have to be registered with them and pay $$$ to read their stuff) that we are all suffering from “SOA fatigue.” I don’t how much I could quote from their document and remain legal and all, but here is the gist of it:

Most SOA projects will fail, maybe at least 90% of them according to some sources. Failure makes you tired.

Between the impossibility of the projects, the usual vendor crap, budget woes in a not-so-good economic climate, and management, management!, even the IronMen on your team (there is one who is a manager here) get worn out like a used sock.

SOA is needed for some business purpose, not because it is needed because it is.

Implementing SOA is like raising teenagers. If that isn’t discouraging enough..

One Response to “SOA Fatigue”

  1. cobiacomm Says:

    Burton Group’s free SOA information can be found at and


    /Chris Haddad
    Vice President, Application Platform Strategies and Data Management Strategies

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