Georgia (the country) loses on battlefield, wins in volleyball

August 13, 2008

Georgia can’t count on the US or NATO to protect it, but they can count on the Brazilians:

Georgia’s Brazil-born players beat Russia in a beach volleyball game that turned sour after the recent fighting between the two countries.

Christine Santanna and Andrezza Chagas took up an invitation to represent Georgia after missing out on Olympic qualification for their native Brazil.

The Russians accused their opponents of parading under a flag of convenience after losing 21-10 20-22 12-15.

But Santanna countered: “I don’t want this to be a war between us.”

Georgia and Russia called an uneasy truce in the disputed border region of South Ossetia just hours before the beach volleyball contest.

Now, will Brazil send troops to South Ossetia?

Georgian beach volleyball leader Levan Akhtulediani added: “It’s better to compete on the field rather than outside the field.”

Georgia can even the score in volleyball, with a little external help. Now Georgia is really good at wrestling, namely sumo.  Georgians compete in the sumo big leagues in Japan. Russian President Prime Minister Putin is a judo expert, so how about a Japanese flavored mixed martial arts contest, judo versus sumo?

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