Rat curry, anyone?

August 14, 2008

India has suffered from rat plagues fairly recently, with the rats eating as much as half of a region’s grain supplies which leads of course to human starvation. A regional government official wants to promote rat cuisine as way to kill two birds (or rats) with one stone – cut down on lost grain and satisfy human nutritional requirements. Eating rats is considered declase to the Indian chattering classes, but this man believes he can change that.

Mr  (Vijay) Prakash says that he has recipes to make rat eating a delicacy, which he now wants to distribute to all the hotels in Bihar.

He also wants to encourage rat farming in the same way that poultry is farmed.

Now, this could be a reasonable thing to do. Look at China. People there eat dogs, snakes, lizards, and yes scorpions. However, Mr. Prakash’s track record for innovative ideas, is, shall we say mixed:

Vijay Prakash has floated a rehabiliation scheme for beggars (intended to rehabiliate 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh beggars). The scheme has been christened “Pahchaan” and the big idea is to use the beggars’ traditional begging related skills like singing, dancing etc. to improve the state’s capacity to spread awareness and fight off serious diseases like AIDS, Polio etc.

And according to the BBC article:

Earlier, he proposed to recruit eunuchs as security guards to maternity wards in hospitals.

“Yes, that proposal is in its advance stage and we’ll very soon engage them in various social activities of our department,” he said.

And the welfare secretary’s next plan?

“I’ll make snake catching popular for the economic value of its venom,” he said.


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