78s archive site is down again

August 19, 2008

Wired featured a bloke who was digitzing thousands of old 78s dating from as far back as 100 years and posting them to his premium Yahoo site. Because of traffic the site went down after the WIred article was posted, then a day later the site was back up. After 5 days of the site being up, it was back down again today.

However, Bolling said, “the option I’ve subscribed to offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited data transfer.” Apparently, that option wasn’t so unlimited as Yahoo’s description indicates.

Now if this is so, the archivist is paying for site. what gives? The explanation for the first outage from Yahoo was that there was too much traffic and that caused an automatic shutdown of the site due to bandwidth. What of the second? Maybe there is fine print that goes with ‘unlimited.’ My Yahoo email account is supposed to have ‘unlimited’ capacity; what is it really?

Maybe he should try the cloud.

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