President Bush is distracted by beach volleyball babes

August 19, 2008

Jeff Jacoby writes stuff like this for the Boston Globe. Why he is allowed to do this in such a liberal state, I don’t know:

Yet last week, when Russia contemptuously wiped its boots on that map, sending tanks and bombers to smash and kill their way across Georgia’s frontier, Bush’s response was feckless.

As the president horsed around in Beijing, posing with bikini-clad Olympic volleyball players, Russian ruler Vladimir Putin was directing Russian military operations against Georgia. The first response from the White House to Moscow’s naked aggression was milquetoast: evenhanded mush about the need for “a stand-down by all troops.” It took four days before Bush finally blasted Russia’s “dramatic and brutal escalation” in Georgia, and declared such behavior “unacceptable in the 21st century.” By then it was too late.

While was Bush was cavorting about town like a limp wristed dandy starting at the tight asses of the volleyball players, Putin was being a man’s man. Not he to be distracted by tits and ass. He was plotting the resurrection of the USSR while watching the Olympic athletes in their designer clothes march through the Bird’s Nest. Why is Russia’s population shrinking so much? They’re all being sent to the Gulag. Now if Bush were a real man, he’d go to war with Russia right now. With what we would go to war I don’t know, I guess we’d have to throw the cheese eaters in against them like we are doing in Afghanistan right now.

And what of the lame duck Bush. He has launched two wars during his presidency, but he started those five and seven years ago. What has he done for us lately?

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