Vinyl will outlast the CD

August 19, 2008

A prediction. The LA Times says that vinyl is back, even among the under-30 crowd who would not be expected to know of such things as turntables and needles. But a generation who wouldn’t be caught dead with a typewriter or a land line telephone (dude you need to have your phone hooked to a wire?) have started groovin’ into vinyl again.

I ran out and bought a USB turnable for my 33s and 45s. It is easy to rip a (real) record. I have some 78s too, but I believe I need a dedicated 78 player. Some exist with USB.

Then again, some people dig 78s to the point that they digitize the old shellac platters and post the MP3s online. Shellacked, heavy and fragile 78s aren’t about to make a real comeback though.


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